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Do you enjoy an eclectic taste? Travel the world? Love amazing deals?


So do we! We are Passport Imports; a mighty and nimble import destination with stores located in Scottsdale Arizona. At Passport Imports we offer a fresh and ever-changing assortment of quality, handcrafted furniture, accessories and architectural accents for your unique life! Our lines of furniture range from solid hand-carved and reclaimed wood, colorful textiles and organic linen upholstery to the softest of leathers.

We are hard-core import veterans and merchandise specialists, who for decades, have traveled to Asia’s far-away rugged places in the hunt for not only incredible treasures, but also amazing deals. We're the folks you'd find trekking through the Indonesian rainforest for days on end to visit with a handful of craftsmen who polish 20 million year old petrified wood. We're the ones you'd find hitch-hiking in China on dirt roads winding through places you'd rather forget, or remote mountain villages in India that are still forgotten.

At Passport Imports we're old fashioned about trade and feel a bit nostalgic about the old days when we were amongst only a few Westerners who dared to go to such, at times, quite dangerous destinations. Today we run into the corporate power shoppers of major international furniture and life style markets while on our journeys. The one thing we always find funny is that it's always them who are on our heels, not

the other way around. We're the first ones at the destination and as it turns out, certainly always the ones with the best insider deals.

It’s those trend-setting furnishings, accessories and hard hunted-down prices we have the privilege to pass on to our loyal customers. Our customers are equally passionate about the authentic shopping experience they have and feel at Passport Imports as we are passionate about breaking a leg or two for them, (not to mention what it takes to get these treasures shipped to the United States these days - don't get us started!)

But you know, at the end of the day, there's something magical about our store. There's an authenticity and a sense of adventure in everything we do. There's an instant bond with each and every customer. They too know that this store is different. Passport Imports is about "Real Life"—not just life style.

If you would like to feel, see and understand what we're all about, you have to visit our store —there a re not enough pictures and words in the world to describe it. It's one of those things—it has to be experienced.

Visit our over 6,000 sq. ft. flagship store in Scottsdale, Arizona today or email us with a special product request. We'll always jump through hoops for you and for a world of dreams to come true.

Sincerely Yours,

The Passport Imports Crew